Fade Gallery

  • Plugin, Module and Component Very light, safe, Javascript Fade Gallery, that works on IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera etc. You can embed this extension with ease. Useful to make your site look more dynamic.
    FadeGallery for Joomla 3.x ?
    By sirdeveloper 10 Jan 15

Place an Article

  • A pluging to show one article inside another, replaceable text like some instructions or terms can be shown inside any article.
    Falang support
    By none 22 Oct 14

Mouse Over Zoom

  • A plugin to zoom images on mouse over event. Upload a pair of images: thumbnail and double sized.
    Three images on one line
    By sirdeveloper 04 Sep 15

Custom Flash

  • An extension to place any flash movie, animation e.t.c to your website with ease.
    The player is not working the way I would like / YoutubeGallery
    By sirdeveloper 17 May 15

List of Articles in Content

  • A plugin to show list of articles in selected category.
    Links wrong?
    By sirdeveloper 26 May 15

YouTube Gallery

  • YouTube Gallery for Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0 extension Component, Plugin and Module. This extension shows a video gallery - catalog of selected YouTube and other popular videos.
    Nouvelle version 4.3.0
    By sirdeveloper 04 Sep 15

Film Gallery

  • Plugin to show window of photos with a scroll bar. New: "Copy Protection" some sort of glass infront of image to block "Image save as", needs to be enabled in plugin settings.
    How to add thumbnail width and height in your HORIZONTAL demo with ARI-Sexy-Lightbox-Lite enabeled
    By jimena 21 Jan 15

Category Block

  • The extension to show an articles in a blog mode, this component extracts first photo and first few words from the article, to make a nice description with "Read More..." link.
    Problem with comments
    By sirdeveloper 14 Aug 15

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